pregnancy massage

£50 for a 90 minute appointment

This relaxing, therapeutic massage will sooth your aching muscles and relax your body and mind.  Suitable from 13 weeks gestation onwards.  

Why not add some amazing essential oils to the mix and have a truly luxurious experience? I can create an individual blend that is tailored to your needs and your senses.


postnatal recovery massage

£50 for a 90 minute appointment

This treatment mixes gentle abdominal massage with osteopathic bodywork and gentle rebozo bone-closing techniques to create a truly unique therapy, perfect for helping restore homeostasis to the postpartum body.

This will not only restore physical vitality but will bring peace to your mind and spirit as your journey into motherhood is celebrated in this nurturing ceremony. 



£25 for a 30 minute treatment

£35 for a 60 minute treatment

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive therapy suitable for everyone. Reiki therapy can encourage physical healing, induce relaxation and also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

You stay fully clothed during a Reiki treatment and it can be carried out hands-on or hands-off.

Crystal Reiki

Add some crystals to your treatment to raise the vibrations and balance your chakras.


Reiki Mama

You can enjoy a relaxing Reiki treatment at any stage during pregnancy. Enhance the bond with your unborn child during a Reiki Mama treatment and feel at peace with your upcoming birth.

A Reiki Mama treatment can also be carried out postnatally with your baby and can be a very healing process for anyone that has had a traumatic birth or struggled to bond with their baby.


Reiki Drum

A reiki drum treatment is deeply relaxing and heals on all levels; physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Connect to the maternal heartbeat and relax to the beat of the drum.



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