Women's Trouble

Like many other women, I was not prepared for the physical or emotional changes I would experience following birth. It takes a while to recover from any type of birth and generally, it takes longer after each baby and the older you get. I knew that. But still I wasn't prepared. So now I try to prepare women for this and support them through this difficult time.

But when does it end? I often find it difficult to 'walk away' from a client after a birth or a period of postnatal support - not only because I form deep relationships with the family but because I know things have changed and will continue changing throughout their life as parents. You think you get breastfeeding sussed, then comes weaning. You feel like you have a handle on responding to your child's needs, then comes the 'terrible twos'. You think, 'Hey, it will be great when they go to school and I have some time to myself!' and then along comes another child or you are dealing with playground politics, bullying and a less than satisfactory education system. And don't get me started on the teenage years and puberty!

And, after children, our body and mind continues to change as we head towards the menopause and beyond. We are continually evolving and moving in and out of phases of our existence.

So, where am I going with this? Firstly, a bit of wisdom from my 42 years on this planet. I was wrong when I thought buying a house, getting married and having kids would mean I had done it, I had succeeded at life! Oh, how wrong I have been. Life is a journey. A twisting path with obstacles, u-turns and junctions. There is no 'destination' in life, it is about the journey. And our journey, as women, is intrinsically linked to our past experiences, our births, our relationships, our childhood and ultimately our mother's experiences too.

And what's that got to do with a bowl of porridge, lemon essential oil and a cook book??? Well, as I'm entering a new phase, the peri-menopause, I am learning more about my body, my menses, my fertility and my hormones than I ever did before! And I, like many women, walked in to the doctors, was told I was not in the menopause and was sent away with a prescription for antidepressants. Well, I'm not happy about that, and neither should any woman be! I'm taking matters into my own hands, educating myself and trying various ways to improve my health including yoga, ayurveda and essential oils.

And so I feel drawn, through my own experiences and as a mother of 2 girls, to be educating women on what we should have been educated on years ago and what we should be teaching the next generation. Expect more on my Mothers Spirit facebook page and Instagram account, and of course more blogs, about this. I urge you to NOT scroll past thinking, that's not relevant to me, it's years off! It's never too early to educate yourself on your reproductive health!

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